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Warrior TW-Weste Ritual X3 E Junior
Features New for 2021 Lightweight design Effortless mobility Molded elbow caps Adjustable arm length Adjustable back plate settings Größen Junior: S/M (Armspannweite 130-142cm), L/XL (Armspannweite 137-155cm)
229,95 € * 279,95 € *
Warrior TW-Weste Ritual X3 E Youth
Features New for 2021 Premium youth protection & coverage Molded elbow caps Adjustable arm length Adjustable back plate settings Größen Youth: S/M (Armspannweite 99-124cm), L/XL (Armspannweite 114-140cm)
149,95 € * 179,95 € *
Warrior TW-Weste Ritual X3 Pro+ Senior
Features New ultimate performance design for 2021 Superior protection using Shockshield design AxyFlex+ technology optimizes protection & mobility Maximum coverage shoulder floater design X-Foam & HyperComp reinforced protection Chest...
599,95 € * 799,95 € *
Bauer TW-Weste GSX Junior
The Bauer GSX Chest Protector is for the rec goalie. This chest will give the goalie the ability to move, but still have the coverage and protection to stop pucks. It has the most adjustment of any rec chest with arm, collar, and belly...
229,95 € * 299,95 € *
Bauer TW-Weste Prodigy GSX Youth
An overall flexible design caters to young goalies. The shape of the chest and arm have been upgraded to create more adjustability and a better fit. Extra arm and shoulder padding absorb impacts. Level Freizeit, Maßgefertigte Passform...
119,95 € * 149,95 € *
Vaughn TW-Weste Velocity VE8 Youth
New VE8 graphics Adjustable laced on arms Molded plastic shoulder caps Full spine padding Reinforced sternum plate with extended length Chest pad belly flap Side elbow protection Wider arm sleeve for added flex and generous fit Full mid...
139,95 € * 189,95 € *
Bauer TW-Weste Supreme S27 Senior
Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme S27 Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector. The S27 Senior Chest Protector will feature new NHL spec sizing and protection throughout making the Supreme line...
189,95 € * 279,95 € *
CCM TW-Weste E-Flex Shield II Senior
FLEXIBILITÄT UND SCHUTZ Mit dem Ansporn, die Bewegungsfreiheit zu optimieren, ohne den Schutz auf das Spiel zu setzen, definiert der Extreme Flex Shield II die Dominanz in der Crease komplett neu. Das überarbeitete Design steigert die...
499,95 € * 849,95 € *
Bauer TW-Weste Prodigy 3.0 Youth
Verstellbare Armlänge Verbesserter Arm- und Schulterschutz Maximaler Schutz und Flexibilität Größe L/XL (Körpergröße ca. 117 - 124cm)
79,95 € * 109,95 € *
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