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Bauer TW-Hose Supreme S29 Int.

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  • 1053270-L-BK
Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme S29... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bauer TW-Hose Supreme S29 Int."

Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Pants.
The S29 Intermediate pants will feature new NHL spec sizing and protection throughout making the Supreme line of equipment better than before. Starting with the biggest change from its predecessors, the S29 Intermediate pant features fully rounded NHL legal thigh protection. This thigh protection is completely rounded to achieve a seamless integration against the pads while going in to the butterfly. Also, the thigh protection will be stiffer to offer more protection with the tight fit. Throughout, there is standard HD foam construction which keeps the pants lighter while giving the goalie ample protection. Moving to the hips and spine, Bauer’s S29 Intermediate pant features Poron XRD padding on the hip floaters to allow for ultimate protection. Underneath, you will still find HD foams to give you the confidence you need when blocking pucks. On the spine, Bauer utilizes a Molded Spine plate to form a protective and comfortable design. Additionally, the Supreme S29 Intermediate pant has an adjustable design where the top half of the pant can disconnect from the bottom portion. This design allows for goaltenders to make their pants shorter or longer depending on their height. The adjustments can be found with two Velcro portions on each side of the hip, as well as 3 rivet adjustments on the front hip and spine. Setting the pant at the higher portion will extend the length, while keeping it at the bottom setting will make the pants shorter. Internally, S29 pants will come with a unique internal belt system in which the internal belt wraps through the front of the pant to give the goalie a tight fit on the body without losing all coverage. Underneath of the front groin padding, there is an elastic closure due to NHL specifications. Lining the pants is Bauer’s Thermo Max Liner to move moisture away from the body.
If you are an intermediate-level goalie looking for NHL level specifications, check out the Bauer Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Pants.
L (Körpergröße 163-170cm, Taille 74-81cm)

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