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CCM Beinschutz Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior

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New for the 2021 season are the CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shin Guards! These new lightweight pads... mehr
Produktinformationen "CCM Beinschutz Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior"

New for the 2021 season are the CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shin Guards! These new lightweight pads have been optimized to provide the ultimate range of movement while featuring new tech to help keep you safer from impacts.
The construction of the CCM FT4 Pro Shin Guards has been redesigned with a new anatomical narrow fit design. This design offers a connected fit that does not feel bulky and offers lightweight mobile protection optimized for elite level of play. It achieves this thanks to the shell construction and the new anatomical Zotefoam + dryfoam liner. This liner is also removeable allowing for easy maintenance as well as pro-level protection and ventilation.
Moving to the knees and shin caps of the CCM FT4 Pro Shin Guards, CCM used optimized anatomical JDP kneecaps. This improved kneecap flex point offers more freedom of movement and helps to disperse impact force away from the knee. This is paired up with HD foam calf guards which offer lightweight but tough protection and have abrasion resistance at the bottom to help with skate tongues.
Premium HD foams are used in the thigh area of the FT4 Pro Shin Guards, for even more added protection. To hold everything in place, CCM used an upper lock strap with a stretchable comfort cushion and an adjustable calf strap for a customized fit.
If you are an elite level player looking for a shin guard that keeps you safe from impacts while keeping you at top speed without being weighed down, look no further than the CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Shin Guards.
Junior 12" (Körpergröße 142-157cm)
Junior 13" (Körpergröße 157-168cm)

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