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Bauer TW-Schlittschuhe Supreme 3S Senior
The Supreme 3S Goal Skate is for the rec goalie. The 3S replaces the S27 and has a new defined Supreme Fit, which provides a better fit for ankle wrap and heel depth. It uses a flex comp quarter and a flat collar for more support. We...
249,95 € *
Bauer TW-Schlittschuhe Supreme 3S Pro Senior
The Supreme 3S Pro Goal Skate is for the skilled goalie. The 3S PRO replaces the S29, and now features Aerofoam ankle padding for comfort and a flat collar for support with a larger lundy loop for easier boot strap connection. Finally,...
429,95 € *
Sherwood TW-Schläger Rekker M80 Comp Senior
The Rekker M80 goal stick is the ideal 'team stick' for any goaltender that is looking for a trusted paddle. Designed with the VRF+ high end foams in the paddle and the blade, the M80 gracefully controls rebounds and gets from post to...
139,95 € * 189,95 € *
Sherwood TW-Schläger Rekker M70 Comp Senior
The Rekker M70 outperforms the competition between the pipes. Equipped with AVH technology in the handle and a foam core interior, if you're looking for a durable stick that will perform throughout the season, the M70 is the runaway...
119,95 € * 149,95 € *
Bauer TW-Schlittschuhe Supreme ULTRASONIC Sr.
The Ultrasonic Goal Skate is for the elite goalie. We focused in on 3 key areas; best weight, best attack angle, and best energy transfer. We've been able to shave weight by continuing to use a Curv composite quarter and by adding...
799,95 € *
Bauer Stockhand GSX Prodigy Youth
It's important for younger goalies to properly grip their stick to make blocker saves. Der PRODIGY Blocker ist leichtgewichtig und verfügt über eine weiche Innenhand und einen verstellbaren Handgelenkriemen....
69,95 € *
Bauer Fanghand GSX Prodigy Youth
The glove is now slightly bigger in dimension with a flexible palm to make it easier for kids to close and trap the puck. LevelFreizeit,GrößenREG/FRT,InnenfutterNash,HandrückenFree flex,BündchenOne piece soft flex,T TrapDouble
69,95 € *
Bauer TW-Hose GSX Junior
The Bauer GSX Goal pant is for the rec goalie. This pant will let you look like a pro with added durability, protection and value. The GSX pant replaces the S27 but now has a dual belt system, upgraded nylons, binding and better overlap...
129,95 € *
Bauer TW-Hose GSX Prodigy Youth
Bewegungsfreiheit ist bei Torwarten aller Altersstufen von enormer Wichtigkeit. Mit zusätzlicher Polsterung in Schritt, am Bauch und an den Nieren bietet die PRODIGY Hose den nötigen Schutz, ohne dabei die Bewegungsfreiheit...
89,95 € *
Bauer TW-Maske Profile 960 N.C.C. Senior
The 960 Goal Mask is for the elite goalie. The shell has been updated to the power core epoxy shell that now features a Smacwrap Comp Shell, which dampens vibration and makes this the most protective mask on the market. It now has new...
999,95 € *
Warrior TW-Schienen Ritual G5 Pro Senior
CoverEDGE+ maximizes coverage using our innovative face foward design, 360DualFIT ACTIVEdrop leg channel, RVH Optimized outer roll, AIRslide technology, HyperComp reinforced thighrise, Adjustable knee cradle system, Knee Drive System,...
1.599,95 € * 2.199,95 € *
Warrior Stockhand Ritual G5 Pro Senior
DetailsBrand new for 2020, Warrior Goalie has unleashed their fifth iteration of the Ritual line. Building off the successful previous G3 and G4 lines, the G5 is an all new beast that we think every goalie should check out. The Warrior...
369,95 € * 499,95 € *
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